Multi Account Manager

Through our FXBS Multi Account Manager feature (abbreviated as MAM), the Money Manager can combine multiple client accounts as participants to execute a single aggregate order through a master account. The order is executed into counterparty using said master account. The filed order is then distributed through MetaTrader, among all client accounts, using a predefined distribution scheme.

There are two possible distribution schemes:

  • Percentage allocation method (PAMM)
  • Lot allocation method (LAMM)
  • Equal distribution.

Once an order has been filed, its information can be accessed and seen through MetaTrader, both through the master account and through the MAM’s client accounts.

Multi Account Manager


However, there is also the option not to disclose open orders on subaccounts. As such, balance adjustment and other information would be displayed solely through the master account.

The implementation is embedded within our dedicated dealer application and is very efficient, due to being executed in a secondary thread in order to avoid a serious impact with the main server execution.