MT4 Bonus Feature

Within a Forex business, a bonus program is meant to reward high-volume clients, and entice certain clients in order to boost the brokerage’s revenue. However, a successful bonus feature is the key to better and returning clients.

MT4 Bonus FeatureThe FXBS bonus feature thus allows a broker to allocate virtual credits to traders without a risk of loss.
These virtual credits can be used to place larger orders. However, traders cannot lose this money in trading. After receiving the bonus, the user must trade a minimum volume, after which the virtual bonus will become normal credit.

A trader can exit the bonus program in following ways:

  1. When it receives a withdrawal with specific comment with the same amount as the prior deposit;
  2. After he traded a minimum volume, proportional with the bonus amount; at this point the bonus will be changed into normal credit;
  3. When his bonus is cancelled because of too many losses;

The bridge will allow the broker to define the minimum volume required for a bonus to be changed into normal credit.


  • User must trade at least 10 lots if his bonus was $1000, in order to receive this bonus as a normal credit;
  • User must trade at least 25 lots if his bonus was $2500, in order to receive this bonus as a normal credit;

The bridge will monitor the balance of users enrolled in the bonus program. The broker will receive an email notification when a trader has successfully reached the predefined  criteria, and virtual credit becomes normal credit.