Forex License

To obtain an Investment Service Provider License, Forex brokers need a reliable and competent legal service adviser. It is quite a difficult procedure and requires a high level of knowledge to prepare all necessary paperwork, and create a specific organizational structure as per common regulatory requirements, including anti-money laundering requirements.

Legal ServicesIt takes significant time and effort to obtain such licenses. As such, FXBS focuses on providing you with someone who has experience in this field, so you can begin preparing for your solutions as soon as possible.

Our close partner WALL law office consults and provides regulatory advice to banks, investment firms and other financial service providers. In relation to investment firms WALL law office provides the following regulatory related services:

  • Registration of investment firms in commercial register
  • Licensing of investment firms
  • Elaboration of terrorism financing prevention and anti-money laundering internal procedures
  • Legal advice on management information system of investment firm
  • Legal advice on internal audit system of investment firm
  • Legal advice on significant risk management policies and procedures of investment firm
  • Legal advice on compliance function policies and procedures of investment firm
  • Representation of investment firm before financial and capital markets commission


Latvia is a member of the European Union. Therefore, when obtaining a Investment Service Provider license in Latvia, you will be able to provide your services all over the countries within the European Union.