Why You Need a Forex Bridge Solution

Foreign exchange is a competitive business, there’s no doubt about that. Which is why often, the name of the game is technological optimization. While a big part of being in the industry is having a knack for trading, having the right tools to help you in that endeavor is also important.

However, forex aids are not the only use for tech in the industry. To the new trader, one of the most useful tools is a bridge. Forex bridges, to the uninitiated, are most often used in coordination with one of the most popular trading tools on the market: MetaTrader 4. A MetaTrader 4 bridge is a connection between your customer – the trader – and their liquidity provider. Liquidity providers turn your Forex earnings into actual money.

Utilizing the FIX – that is, the Financial Information Exchange protocol that best allows for money transfer electronically through the Internet on an international basis – bridge solutions allow your clients to quickly make money from their Forex endeavors, regardless of whether it’s a professional ambition for them, or a financially-sound hobby.

Why Brokers Need a Bridge Solution

Basically, it’s notoriously difficult to offer a proper liquidity solution to traders when you’re running your own brokerage. As a broker, you don’t only have to worry about an easy-to-use trading platform – there’s also the need for a relevant banking license, and a way for your clients to turn their online earnings into cashable money.

MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 are popular because of their ease of use and low cost, but both platforms were not designed to interface with the interbank system. The first and foremost choice for many brokers, then, is to opt for the large bridge solutions providers – but common MetaTrader 5 bridge solutions have been experiencing significant downtime, leading to an exodus among brokers from traditional bridge providers.

However, not all bridges are created equal. The need for a connection between the MT4 trading platform and Forex bridge solutions continues to exist for as long as popular trading platforms make it tough to connect to liquidity providers.


FXBS, or Forex Bridge Solutions, is a company founded in the crisis that lead brokers to seek out better bridge solutions – ones with more extensive features, more versatility, and a reasonable price tag that could still justify utilizing MetaTrader over a more expensive and feature-rich trading platform.

That thin balance is difficult to achieve, and achieving it was FXBS’ mission. Today, Forex Bridge Solutions offers a MetaTrader 5 bridge that successfully blends offering a robust link to liquidity providers everywhere with a number of other features, including ones such as:

• Ultra low latency

• A book and B book support
• Alert notification system
• Reliable connectivity performance
• Support of all order types

• Support of partial fill orders
• Graphic User Interface (GUI) for reporting and order routing
• Support of all execution types such as IOC, GTC, FOK
• Installed directly on MT5 server
• Easy to manage with MT Administrator
• Automatic SWAP updates

Being a broker in a competitive industry like foreign exchange means setting yourself and your offering apart from the rest of the crowd. A versatile bridge provider is key in getting that individuality and holding onto it. Finally, Forex Bridge Solutions specializes in adapting their bridge to any broker’s regulatory requirements, across the board.