FXBS Offered Services and Perks

Running a brokerage is no easy feat. In one of the most competitive fields in the financial industry, getting started, situated and successful through day trading and foreign exchange services requires facing a lot of regulation, a lot of competition, and constantly staying on top of the global competitive standards for Forex brokers is a lot of hard work – but it doesn’t have to be impossible

That’s where we come in. Here at FXBS, we offer an extensive list of services solely for Forex brokers running MetaTrader 4 and 5 trading software for their clients and users. We know how MT4 and MT5 work on an intimate basis, and we’ve developed additional programs to be implemented into your MT4 and MT5 servers, so you can offer your clients and users a list of services that would blow your competition away, and let you soar through page rankings and online directories.

Being the best in Forex is all about providing the best opportunities for users to make a profit. That may be a very simple formula in and of itself, if you can quantify how to give your users the best opportunities. That’s what we here at FXBS offer – and our offerings do not disappoint.

The MetaTrader Bridge

Here at Forex Bridge Solutions, our prime product is the Bridge. The Bridge is a unique software service that makes trading more efficient for traders by allowing brokers to offer their users a much easier access to any and all liquidity providers. Through the most recent developments in trading technology and programming, any broker can easily implement our bridge solutions and gain the means to connect their users to liquidity providers through a strict and secure FIX standard, while securing a number of different perks including:

• Ultra low latency
• Reliable connectivity performance
• Support of all order types
• Support of all execution types such as IOC, GTC, FOK
• Support of partial fill orders
• Instant installation on your MT4 server
• Easy to manage with the MT Administrator tool
Automatic SWAP updates
• A book and B book support
• Graphic User Interface (GUI) for reporting and order routing
• Alert notification system
• Compatible with other MT4 plugins

The MetaTrader software by MetaQuotes is today’s standard in trading, allowing users to place new trades, manage existing ones, employ automated and pre-programmed functions and macros for efficiency’s sake, and perform an analysis of the traded market. But that’s not enough for today’s standards. Through our Bridge, brokers gain an edge over the competition while users can make more money, at a faster pace, while securing it in their own bank accounts in a more efficient and secure manner than any other service

Our FXBS Addons

Our other services include separate and optional addons for our prestigious Bridge service. We don’t just help connect users to liquidity providers in a safe manner while providing options for automation and cross-plugin functionality – we also provide a number of other services specifically to optimize a user’s order flow, so users and account managers can control, update and manage their account’s actions in bulk without any fuss or muss. Through the official MetaTrader API, our add-ons include:

Multi-device compatibility Language tools Analytics and reporting tools And more

Through our addons, brokers can offer their services to clients all over the world, with accounts controlled and managed through smartphones, tablets and computers alike. Advanced reporting tools allow industry specialists and the tech-savvy to get additional in-depth information into every single trade and order, while a simplified user interface ensures that even beginning traders can make a killing through our services. If you’d like to boost your offerings as a broker, and get ahead of the competition, we here at FXBS can help you get there.