FXBS Metatrader Bridge

FXBS MetaTrader Bridge use FIX API to connect broker to any liquidity provider. Ultimate technology solution of FXBS MetaTreader Bridge will grant you access to any liquidity provider so you can provide best services to your customers.
Our team of developers, with experience for over a decade in financial market technologies, has developed MetaTrader Bridge solution which represents highest standards of what technology should be these days.

FXBS Metatrader Bridge

When it comes to useful trading software, none come close to MetaQuotes Software’s MetaTrader series – most commonly, MT4 and MT5.

Through MetaTrader, traders place and manage trades, employ automated techniques, and even perform complex analyses. However, given the need in the market today for widespread innovation, MetaTrader itself is not enough to help traders get the advantage of cutting edge of trading technology today.

This is especially true for Forex brokers. As brokers, your services must be the very best available – otherwise, standing up to the competition will be near impossible. Here at FXBS, we know exactly how competitive the Forex market can be – and as such, we’re introducing brokers to our very own solution: our MT4 Bridge.

The FXBS MetaTrader Bridge is a software solution that interacts with MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 as aForex bridge, acting as the ultimate technology solution to streamline the trading process between the MetaTrader trading software and your client’s liquidity providers. As an easily-applied plugin to your MetaTrader software, our FXBS MetaTrader Bridge acts as the link between your offered trading software and a number of exclusive and extremely useful services.

As a plugin, our MT4 Bridge works through FIX API, ensuring optimum quality and an adherence to the global Forex trading software standard. We don’t build useless freeware – our software is an efficient, high-quality revenue-generating machine.

What Is FIX API?

As a software and Forex solutions provider, we at FXBS specialize in quality. We make products by traders for traders – with large brokers and Forex service providers kept especially in mind. That’s why we use FIX API to build and implement our MT4 Bridge. FIX API, the Financial Information Exchange application programming interface, is a communications protocol for the exchange of financial information digitally.

FIX API is used by banks, prime brokers, and other high-level professionals in the fields of finance. Built as the standard for digital finance since 1990, FIX was founded to create basic communications support in the early day trading world, for ease and security purposes. As such, for cross-communication between MT4 and a liquidity provider, FIX is a necessary standard.

To implement these standards and ensure that the full potential of MT4 is unlocked through our Bridge software and various functionality addons, we’ve fully implemented the FIX API in constructing our liquidity bridge and its associated services.

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