FXBS MAM – Multi Account Manager

Through our FXBS Multi Account Manager feature (abbreviated as MAM), the Money Manager can combine multiple client accounts as participants to execute a single aggregate order through a master account. The order is executed into counterparty using said master account. The filed order is then distributed through MetaTrader, among all client accounts, using a predefined distribution scheme.

There are two possible distribution schemes:

Percentage allocation method (PAMM)
Lot allocation method (LAMM)
Equal distribution.

FXBS MAM – Multi Account Manager 

When it comes to trading, it’s often the bulk that matters. As trading technology develops, the biggest features any trader can look for are those that enable fast, reliable and responsive trading over multiple accounts, without the need for individual commands and orders, tedious multi-tasking, gut wrenchingly slow functions and a general lack of accountability in the trading system’s capacity to do what it needs to do: make you some money.

Whether you’re opening several accounts for your own trading interests, or whether you’re a broken selling accounts and trading options to clients while retaining control over their individual trading accounts, having a software built specifically to deal with the strain and effort of managing more than a single Forex account is one of our latest features here at FXBS.

As a bridge service for add-ons and third-party features on MetaTrader 4 and 5, through our FXBS dealer application we offer you the multi account manager (MAM) for the average and extraordinary money manager to use and make their clients rich. The FXBS MAM feature combines the capabilities of the best and most proven Forex trading system in the world, with the added benefit of giving private traders and companies the ability to offer their clients or themselves the easiest way to make more money – through more manageable trades.

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