Why FXBS Addons Are A Must-Have for Forex Brokers

The world of foreign exchange online is hectic, competitive, and saturated with ambitious characters working day in and out to make the most of their money, and dominate as much as they can in the industry. Penetrating that market and carving a piece of it out for yourself, then, is no easy task – and it requires the help and assistance of every trick in the book, every tool in the shed. Providing these tools is what trading software experts like FXBS are passionate about.

Forex isn’t just about working hard, it’s about working smart – it’s about making sure that you utilize every advantage available to you to get ahead of the competition. And the folks at FXBS believe that choosing the right technology to help you and your business epitomizes that quest for superior business services. Through a service like Forex Bridge Solutions, you as a broker will be able to offer services that no one else in your area can – services that push you ahead of the competition, and make the case for you that your foreign exchange trading platform is the one to utilize as a trader.

As a broker, your goal is to offer a trading experience that traders – professional or otherwise – can use to make as much money as possible while you make a profit. To attract more clients and earn their loyalty, you need to prove that your services as a Forex broker are unequivocally the best around. That means giving your traders the edge in every way possible. And by partnering with a service like Forex Bridge Solutions, that becomes entirely possible.

Making the Most of MetaTrader

Trading online often is a matter of using the best software around. While trading platforms are a dime a dozen, there are only a handful that are truly considered great – and just a few that could qualify as the best in anyone’s book. For many people, that example of a superior trading platform is MetaQuotes Software’s MetaTrader 4 platform, and its successor, MetaTrader 5.

By making Forex trading possible without expensive equipment or a huge and powerful network or infrastructure, MetaQuotes first revolutionized day trading in 2000, and since then, they have consistently delivered to the trading public with quality software that performs at the highest level.

On its own, however, MetaTrader 4 isn’t all too exceptional. What really changes the game is the software’s versatility and customizability. Through the use of Expert Advisors – programs written specifically for the MetaTrader platforms – individual traders and brokers could run complex trading algorithms that made money on the fly, without the trader’s intervention.

They could make certain processes easier, enhance the speed of certain functions and, through things like theMetaTrader 4 Bridge addon by FXBS, they could connect their platform directly to liquidity providers to make sure that the money they were earning was immediately cashed in.

It’s not just the MetaTrader platform itself that allows brokers to offer a great service to their traders – it’s through third party addons and software enhancements that you as a broker can get ahead of the competition and provide an overhauled edition of MetaTrader that can truly make a positive difference in a trader’s bank statement.

How FXBS Addons Work For You

Through a service like Forex Bridge Solutions, your brokerage can offer a number of unique features to customers and traders looking to get ahead of the competition. Chiefly, FXBS can offer you access to the MetaTrader 5 Bridge, which overhauls the software and adds powerful new features. Some of these unique features are:

• Ultra low latency
• Reliable connectivity performance
• Support of all order types
• Support of all execution types such as IOC, GTC, FOK
• Support of partial fill orders
• Instant installation on your MT4/5 server
• Easy to manage with the MT Administrator tool
• Automatic SWAP updates
• A book and B book support
• Graphic User Interface (GUI) for reporting and order routing
• Alert notification system
• Compatible with other MT4/5 plugins

If what you need is an edge over the competition to attract new clients and establish yourself in the industry, then what you’re looking for is a partner like FXBS.