FXBS MetaTrader Bridge


FXBS MetaTrader Bridge use FIX API to connect broker to any liquidity provider. Ultimate technology solution of FXBS MetaTrader Bridge will grant you access to any liquidity provider so you can provide best services to your customers.
Our team of developers, with experience for over a decade in financial market technologies, has developed MetaTrader Bridge solution which represents highest standards of what technology should be these days.

FXBS MetaTrader Bridge solution is compatible with MetaTrader 4 and also with MetaTrader 5 servers.

FXBS MetaTrader bridge is based on Server API and uses FIX protocol to connect to Liquidity Providers.

Here are few main features:Innovations_web

• Ultra low latency
• Reliable connectivity performance
• Support of all order types
• Support of all execution types such as IOC, GTC, FOK
• Support of partial fill orders
• Installed directly on MT4 server
• Easy to manage with MT Administrator
• Automatic SWAP updates
• A book and B book support
• Graphic User Interface (GUI) for reporting and order routing
• Alert notification system
• Compatible with other MT4 plugins

Each broker has it’s specific requirements based on their business model and/or regulatory requirements and many of such requirements were already implemented into our Bridge solution.
Our Bridge performance logs contain information about any action between MetaTrader server and Liquidity Providers so broker can find an explanation to every action made by the Bridge.

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