FXBS MetaTrader Add-ons


Add-ons are powerful tools which are meant to help you on daily basis in managing your order flow, to offer attractive solutions for your customers or simply to bulk update information on your MetaTrader server.

Add-ons are used to export MetaTrader information and integrate them with other systems like CRMs, web applications and reporting systems. FXBS offer dealing bridges to dealing systems API’s to automate you’re dealing desk process.

FXBS Add-ons

Add-ons are integrated with MetaTrader Server using MetaTrader Api’s and/or web service API’s combined with other technologies. FXBS‘s high-performance applications are designed to increase and expand your company’s services.

FXBS will develop and integrate your own MetaTrader Add-ons which will increase the quality of your services and give you branding advantage over your competition.
Our solutions optimize and automate processes cutting down on resources, time and cost.


  • MetaTrader Custome Commissions
  • MetaTrader High Activity alert
  • MetaTrader Bonus feature
  • MetaTrader SWAP updater

You can see add-ons available today and if you don’t find specific add-on you are looking for, please do not hesitate to contact us.